Hi my name is Alice and I’m five months sober. I’m also extremely introverted and not ready to have ‘that conversation’ with many people in my life so I’m writing this pseudonymously.

Stopping drinking is just the beginning. Staying sober is proving to be a much bigger adventure.

I’ve always been visually creative but in sobriety a new love of writing has crept up on me. Poems pop into my head unexpectedly. I’ve never aspired to be a poet but they just keep coming. I stopped resisting and bought notebooks.

I had a ‘proper’ career but learned the hard way that money and ‘success’ wasn’t the work and life utopia I’d dreamed about. Over time I drifted away and dropped out. I currently stack shelves and earn in a month what I have previously earned in a day. That’s the simple version; it’s a very long story.

I’m now all about crafting a simple, healthy, meaningful, and ‘right for me’ life. I ignore most of what society tells me I should want or achieve. Comparison is the death of joy for me. I spent so much of my life trying to disguise myself as ‘normal’ and fit in. Now I embrace my weird and go my own way.

Come with me and share the journey 🙂 x






  1. I so wish I was on track with your thinking of embracing life and not worrying about money. Life was so much more simple with less “career success”. I think your idea of life success and happiness is perfect and something I admire. Looking forward to checking out more of your work. =)

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    • Thank you! I’d love to say it was a decisive move on my part but it’s more like it just happened over time and I grew to appreciate how it turned out. Hopefully I’ll keep the work coming 🙂


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