Poem – The simple things

Recently I’ve been trying to keep an attitude of gratitude as much as possible. No days are 100% perfect but there’s always something I can think of, even a small thing, to appreciate.


The simple things

Hot tea on a cold night in a warm bed

It’s the simple things in life as many people have said

Purring furries, wagging tails

Breathing deeply on woodland trails

A child’s laughter, a friend’s smile

A lover’s touch, lets pause a while

To think of all that’s good in life

That’s mixed in with our struggle and strife

Give thanks each day for these small things

Which gives your heart its chance to sing

A small sweet tune amidst the wailing

Of cyclic news of human failing

When darkness casts its shadow on you

With painful trials to put you through

It’s the simple things for which you pine

A quiet moment, some worry-free time

A comfy seat, some cosy socks

A single day to ignore the clocks

Although these things may seem mundane

They’re the simple things that keep you sane


    • Thank you so much Allane. I really appreciate your lovely feedback. I thoroughly enjoy making these illustrations that are relaxed and for my own expression rather than having a commercial bias. I hope your weekend is a creative one too x


      • I especially love your Hangover Grey illustration. That is SO beautiful. Is it mixed media? No time for me to be creative this weekend, apart from in my head and random Instagram posts lol. I do love my photo-stuff. So happy that you’re doing this. It’s exciting to see xx

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